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The Five Worst Things About a Hotel Stay

Think for a few seconds about the differences between a home and a hotel room. What comes to mind? Is it apparent yet why you wouldn’t want to live in a hotel room for the long term?
The Five Worst Things About a Hotel Stay

Odds are, you don’t live in a hotel room. 

Although we sometimes choose hotel rooms when we travel, there’s always that nice feeling of going home when the trip is over. Have you ever wondered why it feels so good to come home?

Think for a few seconds about the differences between a home and a hotel room. What comes to mind? Is it apparent yet why you wouldn’t want to live in a hotel room for the long term? 

We take so many aspects of our real homes for granted, but we can’t always put a finger on the specifics that we miss when we’re on the road. Let’s dive into the reasons why a hotel room isn’t always the ideal choice - and maybe you’d be better off in an accommodation that feels more like home.

1) The end-of-bed as chair effect


At home, spending time with a few friends, colleagues, or family members is easy. Maybe the gang will hang out in the living room, getting comfy on the couch and having some relaxed conversation. Maybe in the dining room, where everybody can have their own place at the table. Or maybe it’ll be the kitchen, leaning up against a counter. Any option feels perfectly natural. 

Now, picture a hotel-room gathering. If you’re lucky, your hotel room has one armchair. Where do your visitors sit? The natural option - the only option, really - is to use the end of the beds as a seating area. That’s great, but what happens next? Maybe you’re envisioning people craning their necks to converse and feeling awkward because… they’re on a bed.

Of course, you could always run out to the store and buy a couple of those foldable chairs that fit in a bag you can carry on your shoulder, or you could turn your gathering into a meditation retreat and have everybody sit on pillows on the floor. But perhaps the best option is to book a Stay Alfred travel apartment that includes a living room and a dining room with enough places to sit for the whole group.


Holding a meeting? Stay Alfred travel apartments feature plenty of seating.

2) Living out of a suitcase = limited clean clothing


You’re a good traveler, so you always plan ahead. You brought all the socks, shirts and undies you thought you’d need. But, it’s hot outside, so changes of clothes happen more frequently than you’d calculated, and you’re without your washer and dryer. Now what?! 

You dread the feeling that comes when you have to wear a dirty shirt or yesterday’s socks. You ponder purchasing a brand-new travel wardrobe. You think about doing some washing in the sink and using a hairdryer as a clothes dryer. Then you think again. Off to a find a laundromat you go.

On the other hand, imagine the convenience of having a washer and dryer at your fingertips. At a Stay Alfred travel apartment, whenever the need arises, you can throw your clothes in the laundry without wandering the city in search of an available washer and dryer. You might even take full advantage of the in-unit W&D and return home with a suitcase full of clean clothes!


Nearly every Stay Alfred travel apartment features in-unit laundry.

3) The vending-machine dinner


“Conveniently located between the airport and downtown” lies a culinary wasteland. How charitable, then, that the inn saw fit to provide guests with nourishment in the form of a vending machine. When your dinner choices are either Fritos, Oreos, or gum, what’s not to love? At least you’ll stay hydrated with bottles of water and soda available on demand!

Okay, maybe that’s not the ideal way to discover a city’s gastronomic highlights. If only your accommodation was close enough to the action that you could grab a bite at a funky cafe, drink a local beer at a nearby bar, or peruse the stalls at a famous market. Well, at a Stay Alfred travel apartment, positioned among the most delicious city landmarks, you’ll have a smorgasbord within easy reach. 


Vending machines aren't dinner machines.  All Stay Alfred travel apartments feature a full kitchen.

4) Location? Location? Location?


Where are we? Is it safe to step outside the door? Is there a restaurant within five miles? Am I really going to have to pay for dinner with quarters? Why are those jets flying so low? Am I in some sort of purgatory? Somebody rescue me... please. 

When it comes to hotels, you can always find a room in a prime location… with a sky-high price. Or, you can settle for a less-than-ideal location and save some hard-earned cash. But where’s the happy medium? Choose a Stay Alfred travel apartment to get the perfect combination of location and value.

city life.PNG

All Stay Alfred travel apartments are located in a vibrant, walkable downtown neighborhood.

5) No gym


You’ve been so good about working out this year, and, admittedly, you’ve become a bit dependent on that rush of endorphins and sense of accomplishment. But that’s a good thing, right? It’s exercise, for Pete’s sake. It’s good addiction. And you perked up when you saw that this place featured “amenities.” You assumed that meant there’d be a gym. 

Maybe it’s your lucky day and the hotel features a “fitness center” formerly known as a “housekeeping closet” with a questionable treadmill that won’t stop beeping. Or maybe you’re not so lucky and stop to consider an in-room workout… but once you get close enough to the carpet to do a push-up, you decide otherwise. 

Since asking your beloved hometown gym to temporarily relocate with you probably isn’t feasible, the next best solution is to choose a Stay Alfred travel apartment with access to  state-of-the-art fitness amenities.


Most Stay Alfred travel apartments feature access to great amenities... like cutting-edge fitness centers.

There’s a better way to stay

Stay Alfred feels your pain, traveler. That’s why we offer upscale travel apartments that feature all of the comforts and conveniences of home, first-rate amenities and downtown locations that let you experience our cities like a local. Book with us and discover “Your place in the city.™”