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Travel Trends Redefining Multifamily Amenities

Topics: Lease-up, Amenities, NOI

Learn how amenities drive consumer travel accommodation decisions and why it matters for multifamily owners and developers, discover top opportunities to attract and retain residents with new lifestyle amenities, and more.
505 Nashville, TN amenity

Case Study

Stay Alfred at 505

Topics: Mixed-use, Lease-up, STRs at Scale

Explore Stay Alfred's largest mixed-use implementation and learn how 505 uses short-term rentals to create a stronger model.
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Fears of Short-Term Rental Culture Clash Are Overblown, Study Says


Topics: Community Relations, Mixed-use, Guest Demographics

Data indicates travel apartment guests are largely indistinguishable from full time residents, allaying developer fears of potential culture clash.


10 Years after Airbnb, Real Estate Developers See the Money in Home-Sharing


Topic: STR Trend

Now's the time for landlords and developers to stake their claim in the lucrative world of multifamily buildings by integrating with travel apartment providers.

Early Adopters of Short-Term Rentals Are Helping the Model Scale Nationally


Topic: Scaling STR Program

As short-term rental gains traction, innovative multifamily developers are putting more stake in the travel apartment model.

Travel Apartments in the Heart of the City with Jordan Allen, CEO of Stay Alfred

The Real Estate Innovators

Topic: About Stay Alfred

In this podcast, Jordan Allen shows a panel of real estate innovators how Stay Alfred creates lodging space out of existing residential buildings in downtown markets.

Why Short-Term Rentals Are Becoming a Staple for Mixed-Use Developers


Topics: Mixed-use, Operating Expense Reduction

The nation's top developers are investing in short term rentals and seeing big results as baby boomers and millennials seek more from their travel accommodations.

Multifamily Developers Are Planning For Long-Term Partnerships With Short-Term Rental Operators


Topics: Lease-up, Construction, Lease Models, Amenities

As short-term rentals gain popularity, multifamily developers are working with short-term rental operators earlier in the development process. Planning ahead allows developers to make adaptions that could help large-scale short-term rental programs function better in buildings and ultimately contribute to the property's profitability.

Case Studies

Stay Alfred at The Ballpark

Topic: Partial Building Lease

Learn how a partial building lease works at this premium mixed-use property in Denver.

Stay Alfred at Factors Row

Topics: Rehab Project, Whole Building Lease

Learn how an entire building lease works at this premium mixed-use property in New Orleans.


Escalation to Stabilization

Topics: Lease Models, STR Benefits

See how a Class A developer in Nashville's premiere luxury property utilized short-term rentals to achieve 51% lease up in two weeks.

5 Ways to Win with Short Term Rentals

Topics: Community Relations, Amenities

Learn how to minimize short-term rental operational needs with stronger leases, discover 5 proven traits of successful programs, and more.

3 Ways to Future-Proof with Short Term Rentals

Topics: NOI, Stabilization, Lease Models

Learn which operating expenses vanish or are greatly reduced when an STR program is added, discover how a multi-lease, multi-unit agreement insulates profitability during a downturn or slow absorption, and more.

Long-term Solutions for STRs

Topics: Community Relations, Guest Demographics, Amenities

Learn how STRs at scale can thrive in mixed-use properties.

Building Owners Top 8 STR Questions

Topics: NOI, Lease Models

Learn how a short-term rental program can boost NOI on your building, how to handle wear and tear in units and common areas, and more.